Turn your LinkedIn account into a lead generation machine for your Startup

Grow from 0 to +100,000 impressions per month, generate website traffic, backlinks, more leads, while making a name for yourself.

People relate to people, not brands

The fastest growing startups are leveraging their founder's brand, do it too!

From LinkedIn carousels to text posts, we help you get views that generate business, not just likes and vanity metrics.

We design your LinkedIn strategy with BOFU, MOFU and TOFU content.


For whom? What results?

We're able to adapt to your industry, we're particularly good with B2B SaaS

For Whom? B2B Startup Founders

We have strong expertise in B2B SaaS, particularly in Sales, Law, Finance, Real Estate, Compliance, Video, and Social Media.

What results? MRR increase & more

1 customer added $10K MRR within 3 months, while another generated dozens of five-figure ARR leads for example. Our content also drives SEO backlinks, partnerships, and social trust, which boosts outbound efforts.

People relate to people, not brands

Supercharge your personal brand now!


$850 /month

Gives you visibility


  • 2 LinkedIn posts/week with 2 carousels/ month
  • Creation of your personal brand identity+ LinkedIn carousel templates
  • Creation of your LinkedIn strategy & funnel

Use cases of that plan:

  • startup founder visibility
  • online presence to boost replies from cold emailing


$ 1250 /month

Generates you tons of leads

(Most Popular) 🔥

EARLY-STAGE plan, but with:

  • 3 LinkedIn posts/week with 1 carousel and 1 visual
  • OR
  • 5 LinkedIn posts/week with 1 visual or 1 carousel
  • Goal is to reach between 50K to 1M impressions per month (it varies depending on your industry)

Use cases of that plan:

  • staying top of mind with your startup leads
  • raising brand awareness with your personal branding
  • generating leads


$2000 /month

Creates you long-term growth loops

EARLY-STAGE plan, but with:

  • 7 LinkedIn posts/week
  • 2 LinkedIn carousels/week
  • 1 visual or 1 saas video/week

Use cases of that plan:

  • amplifies the use cases of the previous plan
  • gives more room to alternate between TOFU, MOFU and BOFU content to create growth loops

Do you think it's expensive?

We show you it's not

If the service is run with LinkCentaurs

Low cost, high returns on your personal brand & business

From $850 to $2500 /month

✓ You are not committed to full-time employees

✓ Our team is trained and experienced in different topics (eg. SEO, SaaS, Ads, Law, Finance)

✓ We'll scale your personal brand faster than a junior employee

✓ ROI with us is incredible if you have a high paying offer

If the service is run in-house without LinkCentaurs

High cost, long term investment with low ROI

Minimum $6000 /month

✓ You will have to hire someone full-time

✓ Junior roles are untrained and unexperienced (high turnover as well)

✓ Hiring senior roles is a lot more than $6000 per month

✓ You also need to pay for softwares, insurances, computers, etc.

Why do we have expertise on the matter?

Arnaud Belinga - Founder @LinkCentaurs


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